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Equine Therapy For Mental Health


The emotional support animals provide is exceptional. Animals can assist clients through emotional moments.

What exactly is Equine Therapy?

Equine-assisted psychotherapy involves horses in the process of healing. The participants engage in tasks like grooming, feeding and managing a horse, all while being supervised by a mental health professional.

This form of therapy aims to help people improve their self-confidence, emotional regulation as well as their responsibility skills. It is a bit intimidating to have such an enormous, majestic horse take part in therapy sessions.

However, equine-assisted psychotherapy massager for horses is becoming more popular due to its experiential nature and burgeoning evidence of its effectiveness. Equine-assisted therapy can be described or referenced using various terms, such as:

Equine-assisted mental Health

Equine-assisted counseling

Equine-facilitated psychotherapy

Equine-assisted therapy

The last term, equine-assisted therapy massager for horses is also able to often refer to other forms of therapy in which horses are employed in occupational therapy.

Who are they intended for?

Equine-assisted therapies can be utilized in many settings and with different groups. Horses can be used to guide individuals of all ages and even families and groups.

Children and Teens

Equine-facilitated psychotherapy may be more effective for children and teens as it is for adults. Children also can experience depression, anxiety, trauma and trauma.

Equine therapy can provide the opportunity to relax in a setting that may feel less threatening and more inviting than a traditional talk therapy center. EAP is most popular among youngsters aged between 6 and 18 years.


It is sometimes difficult for children to process and express their emotions. Equine-assisted psychotherapy allows youth, and people of all ages, to work on things like:

Be assertive


Establishing and maintaining relationships

Emotional awareness


Control by impulse

Problem solving skills

Social skills

Don't be afraid to trust other people

Be confident in your abilities


Although a variety of animals are able to be utilized for psychotherapeutic purposes horses have unique characteristics that make them a top option for therapy using animals. According to expert in anxiety Dr. Robin Zasio, horses bring the following unique features to the process of therapy. To find equine massage gun, Brandenburg Equine is the most appropriate place.

Non-Judgemental and Non-biased

Though therapists and other human beings try their best to create the clients with a safe space to share their emotional wounds or painful experiences, clients may find it difficult to talk about their thoughts.

The presence of a horse can bring a sense peace, as they only will react to the person's behavior and emotions without any risk of bias or judgement of their emotions.

Mirroring and Feedback

Horses are observant and are vigilant and sensitive to emotion and movement. Horses are often mimicking the behavior and emotions of customers, which allows them to convey understanding and connection that helps them feel secure.

This also allows for clients to keep a sense self-awareness and use the horse's behaviour and actions for feedback and opportunities to review and analyze what's happening at the time.

Controlling Vulnerability

Since clients may be at risk when they attempt to talk about their emotional challenges past experiences or life transitions horses can be a reference point to use to help process.

Clients may use horses as an example or compare their experiences with what the horse is experiencing in the moment to assist them in processing the issue if it is difficult to talk about. This will help you understand and deal with the issue more efficiently.